[Forget 2020. Here's 2021.]

[2021-01-13] @ [11:56 a.m.]

Hello. The year is 2021. Last year, there was a pandemic at the end of March. We worked from home for the majority of the year. There was a month where we didn't go to church. But I know other countries were on complete lockdown. I can't imagine how that would have been to not go anywhere or even see family.
Some of the thoughts I've had the past year: I know this will have to end soon, but I don't want it to. The work-from-home part, that is.

P.S. other things that you might have missed since Oct 2019: I took over the lead worship leader position. We ran a Christmas production in a few weeks of practice. Then 2020 came. There were a few months of transition. They hired another worship pastor. Then the pandemic hit and the protests. He lived in another city up north a few hours away and eventually couldn't drive back and forth anymore. The job came back to me again, although now it is not as stressful. I have someone else to help pick songs weekly. I like the assistance, and we all work together to get the services planned. It's definitely a different feeling. Not sure how long it will last now.
L has been working his butt off all year in the church media. He should get paid more. He's the best.

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~ silverluna

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