[The dog ate my diamond]

[2017-08-25] @ [2:29 p.m.]

Less than a year into the marriage, and I mess up the ring he got me. The dog always tries to snatch things from my hands. This time it was a bunch of weeds I pulled.

I forgot to mention that we got a dog, Baxter. We got him from the Humane Society on May 7, 2017. He was born on March of last year, so he's almost 1 year and a half. We've already had him for 3 months.

It was dark when I took him outside to the bathroom. First he does his business, then looks in the fire pit for lizards or frogs. He goes crazy for them. When I try to get him to stop, he will start dong super fast laps around the back yard. then He'll start grabbing the grass and weeds, which I have to chase him to stop doing. He was doing his crazy laps in the dark, then started playing with some weeds I pulled. I picked up a bunch he dropped, but as i got up he grabbed for them. He grabbed the weeds and most of my hand, including hitting my ring. I knew this was a different feeling though, but I couldn't see what happened. When we got inside I touched my ring, and just as I thought the diamond was gone. We went back outside with our phones to look around. He must have eaten it when he grabbed the weeds.

The ring might not matter as much to me than it does to him. The ring is nice. When he asked me about what kind of ring I wanted, I said "something simple that is not too expensive". I never thought of what my ring would look like either. I bought him a band from JCPenney. It was a good price and it has cool designs that make it look more unique than those titanium or tungsten rings that most men choose. We were thinking of getting upgrades later in life. But it is not necessary. Thank God marriage is not just a about a ring. Of course I look at other women's rings, but I love my ring more because he gave it to me and he worked so hard to get it.

L just messaged me saying he got me a slight upgrade on the ring. We will laugh about this one day, and I wanted to write this down to remember.

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~ silverluna

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